Identifying teammates that optimize your PWin is the name of the capture game. Below are a couple of scenarios whereby TangoAlpha3 might help your team such that it “may be more favorably evaluated.”

“A depicted team that demonstrates multiple points of access into multiple pools of relevant expertise and includes recruiting resources in multiple locations, with ability to validate qualifications and experience may be more favorably evaluated.”

Over the past few months TangoAlpha3 been engaged on multiple occasions to round out teams in pursuit of opportunities whose evaluation criteria placed an emphasis on the ability of a team to successfully staff engagements at numerous sites across a broad geographic area. This has become a foundational differentiator for TangoAlpha3, especially as it relates to supporting complex federal IT requirements. In fact, to help get our message out, this past February we published a white paper highlighting the challenges often inherent to staffing geographically dispersed DoD programs, and our approach to their successful execution: “Fulfilling Logistically Complex Requirements; The Value of Transitioning Veterans”.

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The white paper is a good read, but in the interest of time: The combination of requirements often inherent to large DoD programs (Security Clearances, 8570 IAT & CE certifications, numerous remote locations, etc.) adds a layer of complexity to successful execution that is uncommon to most other domains…for which we have found transitioning veterans to be an excellent antidote. I can’t claim this is a particularly astute observation, but building a successful veteran recruiting program is easier said than done, and what TangoAlpha3 has done over the past few years demonstrates a capability that provides our teams with an edge: since 2016 we have successfully staffed facilities on approximately thirty military installations, from Alaska to Florida and more than 15 states in-between.

I should add that our continuous adoption of leading edge technology has been critical to enabling such success: TangoAlpha3’s custom implementation of the most progressive recruiting automation platforms allows us to aggregate talent from various sources and launch campaigns that engage hundreds of candidates within targeted populations with just the click of a few buttons.

There may be a few other SDVOSB staffing companies that can similarly address the aforementioned evaluation criteria, but it would be a short list…and why spend the energy searching for an alternative now that you have found us? 🤓

“A solution that reduces risk of workforce turbulence and compares favorably to relevant industry standards may also be more favorably evaluated.”

Anyway, the white paper helped us get the word out regarding our recruiting prowess, but there is an additional element of value TangoAlpha3 ended up providing our partners that we have only more recently come to realize: a systematic workforce morale gauge.

In order to help optimize retention of our distributed staff, we have developed proprietary software that tracks employee sentiment on a weekly basis. To minimize turbulence, since 2017 TangoAlpha3 has surveyed its distributed workforce weekly to capture employee sentiment and proactively address any potential issues. 4.93 (out of 5) or 98.6% have registered as very satisfied. In instances where an employee registers their satisfaction at “3” or less we reach out immediately to identify and address the source of dissatisfaction.

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We are unaware of any other organization that tracks employee sentiment on a weekly basis and likewise don’t have much with which to compare ourselves, but a cursory google search indicates 53% of employees are satisfied with their current job. Now, we don’t claim this to be a rigorous scientific analysis, but rather helpful data points when developing a narrative that speaks to a team’s ability to “reduce workforce turbulence”, especially a distributed one. FWIW, we can make this service available to the entire team.

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