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We bring a military grade workforce to the private sector.

See the difference that a veteran can make.

TA3 endeavors to help military veterans and private sector enterprises realize their potential in one another. We love helping veterans take the skills they developed in the military and translate those talents over into their civilian career, while in turn providing our customers with a one-of-a-kind talent source. Disciplined. Mission oriented. And a sense of adventure. These factors are the fuel of a thriving enterprise.

We can staff a role or field a team. Our comprehensive VetRaaS (Veteran Recruiting as a Service) framework is built on lean principles and is designed to scale to our customers’ requirements. Veterans are always transitioning all over the world, so it’s an ever-available pool of talent for just about anywhere and for most everything. But this pool is so large and diverse that it can be difficult to harness toward strategic ends. TA3 can help you iteratively improve how you engage with this uniquely skilled community and turn it into a competitive differentiator.

What TA3 Can Provide

IT Staff Augmentation

TA3 recruits and fields the talent required to transform, sustain, and secure global IT environments. From Alaska to Florida to Guam, and many places in between, we have recruited the talent our customers require to execute.


A holistic framework for turning military veterans into a strategic asset. We can deliver a project or a program. Build. Measure. Learn. Adjust. We will work together to iteratively improve how you acquire military veteran talent until it transforms your business.

Time-Keeping Solutions

RocketKlock is our proprietary software that provides businesses with an intuitive and cost-effective way to track time. Keep your employees on track and ensure your business is always running smoothly.

Sweet Spots for Veteran Talent Acquisition

There’s nothing that veterans can’t do, but when you’re considering whether you’d be a good candidate for a veteran progran, there are a few functions you might consider.

Field Support | Engineers and Technicians:

Field Support | Engineers and Technicians:

The US military runs on complex platforms that require lots of repair and maintenance, often in austere conditions. Subsequently, there is an incredibly large number of veterans that transition into civilian life that know what to do with a tool in their hands. Likewise, if your business has electromechanical and/or computerized assets that are critical to your business and require teams to deploy, sustain, upgrade, and retire, military veterans could represent a relatively untapped resource. Or, if you are an OEM or provide maintenance services for OEM’s, a robust military veteran program could be just what you need to ensure you can predictably provide the support your customers need. Also worth noting, veterans generally have a sense of adventure and tend to be more open to lots of travel when compared to your average civilian.

Information Technology and Telecommunications:

Information Technology and Telecommunications:

While the military mission is highly unique, the technology that powers it is built on commercial IT platforms. Transitioning veterans whose job it was to run the military’s Information Technology make fantastic resources to staff data centers, NOC’s, and SOC’s. Also, they definitely know a thing or two about security. If you are a telecom company that needs to build out networks in new areas while sustaining existing ones, who better to help you than personnel used to operating on the edges of the world?



The warfighting gets the most attention, but the logistical tail required to support it is unimaginably large and complex. If a core part of your business is moving stuff around while knowing where everything is, it’s hard to think of a more natural talent source than the US military.

Health Care:

Health Care:

In this case, we are referring to an industry vertical, but TA3 supports one of the largest healthcare networks in the world, and we wanted to highlight that somewhere. We provide IT Infrastructure support in medical facilities across the country, so if you are an executive in healthcare IT looking for a reliable and agile partner upon which you can depend, please consider TA3.

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“I appreciate how TA3 is very responsive and takes excellent care of their employees.”
— Michael Runfola, Sr. Manager, Cybersecurity Forensics & eDiscovery, TechnipFMC

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