The Leading Military Veteran Talent Acquisition Firm.

TangoAlpha3 (TA3) has over 20 years of experience in military veteran staffing and recruiting. We understand key business drivers relating to veteran talent acquisition and operational efficiencies allowing us to deliver talent on time, on budget and on demand.


Our Services

From implementing holistic military veteran programs to augmenting internal recruiting, we offer veteran recruiting services fully adjusted and scaled to meet your requirements.

Veteran Recruiting as a Service (VetRaaS)

VetRaaS is our proprietary, proven approach to veteran talent acquisition. This framework helps companies of all sizes in the public and private sector find and retain top veteran talent.

IT Staff Augmentation

Our IT staffing experience is extensive – we quickly find top veteran talent for even the most challenging IT jobs. We scale and customize a hiring program for your specific IT needs.


Federal Capture and Proposal Support

With an impressive set of skills and experiences, adding TA3 to a proposal will help you win government contracts and serve the public good, as efficiently as possible.


Translating Military Veteran Skills to the Private Sector

One of our most important values is taking care of those who have protected our liberties at home and abroad. We do this by ensuring that we find suitable, important roles that make use of veterans’ unique skill sets and create opportunities for them to have a real impact on businesses all over the country. By partnering with TA3, you support the growth and success of veterans in many different roles as they look to take your business to the next level.

Customized Veteran Talent Acquisition

TangoAlpha3 assists you with finding veterans whose military skills directly correlate with the skills your role requires and who we also determine will be a good long-term fit. We assist with onboarding, preparing your company and hiring managers for veterans, and other key tasks.

Leverage Veteran Talent For Growth

Most companies can greatly benefit from leveraging veteran talent. Veterans are highly skilled, committed, motivated and self-starters. They can help your organization achieve great new progress along with tax advantages. We help you quickly onboard veterans and bridge any gaps to enjoy these benefits.

Veteran Recruiting-as-a-Service (Vet RaaS)

TangoAlpha3 has created a proprietary method for highly efficient and successful veteran recruitment called Vet RaaS. This framework allows us to quickly design and deploy a hiring program for even the most challenging positions and requirements.

Unrivaled Veteran Talent Acquisition Expertise

Working with TA3, you gain a valuable ally in sourcing, placing and retaining the best veteran talent in America. Our extensive expertise ensures you can utilize veteran talent in the shortest timeframe while overcoming every onboarding and retention obstacle.


Veteran Talent for Every Firm

Whether you are looking for your first veteran hire or want to create an ongoing veteran hiring program, TangoAlpha3 can help. Veteran recruiting is all we do. We work with both private and public sector organizations to help them create and efficiently execute their veteran recruitment strategies.

How to Source, Place, and Retain the Best Military Veteran Talent

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Many organizations have the productive intentions of bringing on military veteran talent to enjoy the numerous benefits that skilled veterans provide. Yet, without adequate preparation, even the best intentions frequently fall short.

Learn why it’s essential to have a framework to source, place and retain top military talent in this whitepaper

Are you Staffing Complex Projects?

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Military veterans represent a valuable pool of talent for employers, including several in the IT industry where drastic shortages remain.

Download our LCR white paper.  Understand how we develop your pipeline, approach complex projects, and why veterans are such a critical component of our methodology.

Transitioning Veterans to the Commercial Sector

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The Valuable Skills and Tax Incentives Veterans Offer Employers During a Challenging Climate

This whitepaper highlights the specific benefits of a veteran workforce including the ability to fill very complex or challenging positions, the unique soft and hard skills, and the vast expertise and background that military veterans have to offer in a challenging economic climate.

“TangoAlpha3 has been an invaluable resource…especially as it relates to staffing positions in locations that have been historically difficult for us to fill.“


“I appreciate how TA3 is very responsive and takes excellent care of their employees.”

— Michael Runfola, Sr. Manager, Cybersecurity Forensics & eDiscovery, TechnipFMC

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