TangoAlpha³ (SDVOSB)

 On Mission – On Budget – On Demand

At TangoAlpha³, we are a collective of problem-solvers, innovators, and forward-thinkers. With a storied legacy of excellence in delivering comprehensive IT solutions, human capital management, and project management, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner to both public and private sector industries.

Our Mission

To empower organizations through cutting-edge technology, strategic workforce enhancement, and meticulous project execution. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by translating complex challenges into streamlined, sustainable solutions.

Information Technology Services

TangoAlpha3 specializes in cutting-edge IT Solutions, delivering cybersecurity, cloud services, data analytics, network infrastructure, and custom software development to empower organizations with robust, future-ready technology platforms for optimal performance and growth.

Human Capital Management

TangoAlpha3 excels in Human Capital Management by strategically aligning talent acquisition, workforce development, and performance management with organizational objectives, fostering a dynamic workforce that drives success through enhanced capabilities and innovative HR consulting.


Project/Program Management

TangoAlpha3’s Project Management ensures seamless execution of strategic planning, resource allocation, and quality control, with transparent stakeholder communication, steering projects to successful and timely completion while upholding the highest standards of excellence.


The Power Behind TA³’s Military Grade Expertise

Veterans are the bedrock of TangoAlpha³, bringing unmatched discipline, strategic insight, and leadership that imbue our IT solutions, human capital management, and project management with exceptional quality and reliability. Their military expertise translates into a superior service delivery model that excels under pressure, emphasizes technical skill, and upholds a rigorous work ethic. This veteran-driven force has been pivotal to TangoAlpha³’s storied history of delivering successful outcomes, leading to our receipt of multiple awards and widespread recognition. 

Purpose-Driven Talent Pool

TangoAlpha3 assists our clients in harnessing the specialized skills of veterans, which is crucial for the successful delivery of mission-critical projects and engagements. Veterans’ unparalleled leadership, adept problem-solving, and proven ability to perform under duress translate into a disciplined and strategic approach to project management, essential for navigating the complexities of today’s business challenges. By strategically placing these skilled veterans in roles where their military-honed capabilities can shine, TangoAlpha3 not only enriches teams with technical expertise but also instills a mission-driven ethos that is pivotal for achieving and often exceeding client objectives.

Professional Approach

TangoAlpha3 efficiently meets aggressive deliverables by integrating the unparalleled discipline, strategic planning, and executional precision of veteran talent with our tested methodologies and professional approach. Veterans’ innate leadership, robust communication skills, and adeptness at problem-solving ensure meticulous project management and operational excellence, enabling us to consistently exceed project expectations and maintain a legacy of excellence in service delivery.

Operating In Flexible Environments

TangoAlpha3 has created a proprietary method for highly efficient and successful veteran recruitment and we leverage our veteran talent pool as a strategic asset for scalability and surge requirements, utilizing the inherent adaptability and disciplined training of veterans to rapidly respond to varying project demands. This agile workforce is prepped for quick deployment and integration, enabling us to dynamically scale operations up or down to match client needs. Their experience in high-stakes environments ensures that even during surges, our service delivery remains seamless and efficient, maintaining quality and continuity in the face of fluctuating workloads and tight deadlines.

Unrivaled Veteran Talent Acquisition Expertise

Working with TA3, you gain a valuable ally in sourcing, placing and retaining the best veteran talent in America. Our extensive expertise ensures you can utilize veteran talent in the shortest timeframe while overcoming any obstacle.


Our Performance

TangoAlpha³ boasts a proven track record of outstanding service, as evidenced by our years of consistent, high-quality delivery to esteemed clients including the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Defense Health Agency, and military branches such as the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, along with agencies like DISA and others.

How to Source, Place, and Retain the Best Military Veteran Talent

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Are you Staffing Complex Projects?

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Military veterans represent a valuable pool of talent for employers, including several in the IT industry where drastic shortages remain.

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Transitioning Veterans to the Commercial Sector

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The Valuable Skills and Tax Incentives Veterans Offer Employers During a Challenging Climate

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“TangoAlpha3 has been an invaluable resource…especially as it relates to staffing positions in locations that have been historically difficult for us to fill.“


“I appreciate how TA3 is very responsive and takes excellent care of their employees.”

— Michael Runfola, Sr. Manager, Cybersecurity Forensics & eDiscovery, TechnipFMC

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