The year 2020 has proven to be unpredictable…to say the least. We’ve seen the world as we know it change right in front of our eyes. While it’s likely that the long running effects of the current COVID-19 outbreak will sit somewhere between the old status-quo and the new one, businesses that have been forced to adapt quickly are now, more than ever, seeing the value of solutions that represent the future of virtual collaboration and communication in the corporate world. 

Business applications centered on unified communications (UC) have quickly become far more crucial to the day to day operations of many companies than ever before. Innovation like this is crucial and, when done right, enables continuity of core business functions and allows for organizations to effectively overcome massive disruption. The enterprises that bring us these critical UC solutions must subsequently scale out their own infrastructure to meet this growing demand, and sustainment of operations through such growth requires an agile response to address the sheer volume of additional business requirements. When it comes to talent acquisition, one option to consider would be to borrow a bit from their own subscription based models: Recruitment as a Service (RaaS). 

RaaS is a hybrid of an in-house recruiting department and third party that specializes in talent acquisition, whereby you get the organizational alignment associated with the former plus the expertise & scale associated with the latter. Forbes published a short article earlier this year that I think provides a good overview for those outside industry.

TangoAlpha3 has launched its own RaaS offering that incorporates lean principles and builds on our extensive experience supporting crucial military IT Infrastructure projects. When facing growth at an unprecedented rate, why not partner with someone whose specialty is recruitment (especially recruitment of battle-tested technical personnel that are hungry to kick off a successful civilian career) to develop a solution that allows you to be as agile and responsive as possible? Not to mention, the federal tax incentives often associated with hiring military veterans.

If you find this concept at all compelling, please reach out to us. You can drop a note at or go ahead a book a time on my calendar here. If you want to learn more about our offering, please download and share this VetRaaS infographic as you see fit. 

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