We’ve recently put out several pieces of content (including this infographic) regarding the VetRaaS offering TangoAlpha3 is launching but thought it wouldn’t hurt to publish a very short blog post to quickly summarize.

What is RaaS? Effectively it is a hybrid of an in-house recruiting department and third party that specializes in talent acquisition, whereby you get the organizational alignment associated with the former plus the expertise & scale associated with the latter. Forbes published a short article earlier this year that I think provides a good overview for those outside industry.

Why RaaS? We arrived at RaaS as the strategy for a military veteran transition program because we recognize that many of the struggles transitioning military veterans encounter are due to most companies not having a systematic approach for acquiring and assimilating veterans’ unique background into their business. As such, we believe a programmatic framework that behaves as an extension of our customer best accommodates them building a sustainable initiative that can be continuously optimized to align with business requirements while concurrently enabling our customers to take advantage of the associated federal tax incentives (WOTC).

Our initial emphasis is on the tech sector and I have included a high-level overview of our framework below…please drop me a line (drew@tangoalpha3.com) with any questions or comments.

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