The military, and those that serve in it, inherently have a unique mission. Their unique mission requires unique technologies mounted on one-of-a-kind platforms: jets, tanks, ships, etc…not a one of which can be bought on the open market. But what about the underlying information technology systems and communications infrastructure that transmit and manage all the data required for commanders to make and execute decisions?

Well the military might not buy weapons off the shelf, but the core IT infrastructure (cables, servers, routers, operating systems, etc.) over which the business of combat runs is generally no different than you would find in any enterprise datacenter.

Likewise, the digital warriors that design, install, connect, operate, sustain and secure all this infrastructure are trained on commercial technical stacks and develop the skills and experience in the military that directly correlate with requirements you find in every data center, NOC and SOC in just about every enterprise. 

So if you are tech company—and your business depends upon scaling alongside your customer so they don’t have to worry about the maze of data hosted on expensive equipment resting upon raised floors—what human capital solution could be more reliable and cost effective than a talent pool that is already battle tested and always transitioning?

If you find this concept appealing, please reach out to us. If you would like to learn just a bit more first, please take a look at a white paper we just recently published: The Valuable Skills and Tax Incentives Veterans Offer Employers During a Challenging Climate.

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