Veteran Recruiting 101
June 23, 2020

Creating a targeted veteran recruiting program can be a worthwhile and profitable endeavor for your business. 

Primarily, veterans are an exemplary, extremely hard working and versatile workforce and are often able to handle some of your business’s most challenging roles, including those outside of the traditional expectations of a 9-5 job, as they are often used to working in the most austere of environments.

On top of this, hiring veterans may make you eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) which can provide up to $9,600 per qualifying worker. Our blog on the Work Opportunity Tax Credit goes into detail about which groups of veteran employees would make you eligible for the credit.

Why hire military veterans?

Hiring military veterans brings numerous advantages to your firm including an especially competitive, flexible, professional, hard working and mission focused workforce. 

As mentioned, hiring certain groups of veterans may make you eligible for the WOTC, but there are many other benefits for employing veterans, from their experience operating in enterprise environments, to their tendency to take on leadership roles and work in challenging conditions.

They come with experience, but remain imminently moldable. Also, because veterans are continually transitioning into civilian life, they are a unique talent pool whose acquisition may continuously be tweaked and refined to optimize the betterment of the business.

Veterans further offer a holistic competitive advantage for businesses by being extremely project oriented with an extraordinary attention to detail, being able to ebb and flow in their flexibility and skill set for the unique demands of each business cycle, and providing valued expertise and insights as a result of serving in one of the most diversity rich organizations on the planet with today’s U.S. military.

Below are some strategies which cover the basics of veteran recruiting:

1.) Create a veteran recruiting strategy

There are a range of efforts you can take to attract veterans to your company including attending military career fairs, asking existing veteran team members for referrals and performing other networking and outreach efforts with organizations that work with military veterans. 

It can be very helpful to also work with third party talent acquisition partners like TangoAlpha 3 who can help you develop a veteran recruiting strategy that is specific to your company and successfully accomplishes your recruitment goals.

2.) Communicate the “why” behind your organization

As military veterans are highly mission focused, they tend to do well at organizations that have a strong mission and value driving everything they do. Therefore, for veterans in particular, it is beneficial to talk about the “why” behind your organization and the purpose that drives what you do. 

It’s also helpful to explain that purpose in context with the role you are hiring for. You might go into detail about the types of skills that you are seeking for the role and how those skills and the role fit into the greater mission and vision of the organization. When you can communicate the mission and purpose of your organization, you will attract veteran talent.

3.) Help veterans translate military skills into civilian skills 

Although many military skills can be directly translated into civilian skills, it takes experience to understand which skills and military roles match the best with civilian roles. It can be challenging to make this connection without an established veteran hiring program. 

That’s where an experienced talent sourcing partner like TangoAlpha 3 can also prove to be highly valuable. We work with you to understand the nature of the roles you are hiring for and your workplace culture and we connect you to top veteran talent options who we know will excel in those roles based on their skillset and military experience.

4.) Develop a veteran recruiting program 

If you don’t already have a veteran recruiting program in place, you may need to develop one in order to consistently attract and effectively integrate veterans. You may consider branching out and working with a recruiting partner that specializes in veteran talent like TangoAlpha 3, or if you have the resources you may consider developing a program in house in a similar fashion as other major employers have (Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.) 

5.) Help veterans transition into your company 

Many veterans are fully capable of handling a range of roles for your company. However, you may need to assist new veteran recruits with transitioning from the military into a new role, especially if it is their first civilian role. 

One strategy is to utilize any veterans within your organization who have successfully made the transition as mentors for new hires. Another option is to work with a veteran recruitment specialist like TangoAlpha 3 who can facilitate and streamline this transition.

Our talent pool is constantly updated with a nationwide veteran workforce, and we have helped small to mid-sized corporations develop highly productive veteran hiring programs even with minimal experience. 

Contact TangoAlpha3 to learn more about creating your own veteran hiring program or to ask one of our hiring specialists any questions at all about veteran recruiting.

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