How and Why You Should Create a Veteran Hiring Program For Your Company
Are you considering hiring military veterans for your company but don’t have the experience? A talent sourcing partner can facilitate the transition and help you establish one.
May 19, 2020

Are you considering hiring military veterans for your company but don’t have the experience? A talent sourcing partner can facilitate the transition and help you establish one.

Military veterans are a source of committed, mission-focused, efficient, and skilled talent for a range of employers. Veteran hiring programs are common among major corporations that have the budget and resources to create them such as Amazon and Walmart. These companies enjoy the benefits of a highly motivated and effective workforce. However, a range of obstacles frequently stand in the way between smaller organizations that lack the expertise to efficient onboard veterans.

A talent sourcing partner (such as TangoAlpha 3) can help with facilitating this transition for smaller organizations that can benefit from a veteran talent pool by “bridging the gap” between the military and the civilian world. There are many justifications for investing in such a program including the following:

·Certifications: Military veterans often have the hard skills and certifications (DoD 8570, Sec+, CCNA, etc.) to succeed in jobs that require them. In addition, veterans have access to a range of educational programs to obtain additional certifications.

·Hard Skills: Veterans have supported some of the most complex and dynamic enterprise systems on the planet. Their technical expertise and capabilities often exceed what would be required of them in civilian roles. With the right pre-hire training and onboarding procedures, veterans can excel in roles by leveraging this unique expertise.


·Soft Skills:  Veterans are highly motivated and both team and mission focused. This is naturally required for success in the military and it translates well into the civilian world. Many employers find that veterans are willing to work much harder than their civilian counterparts.


·Filling Challenging Roles: We refer to challenging roles, or the jobs that fall out of the traditional expectations of a 9-5 job Logistically Complex Requirements. In our extensive experience, military veterans are highly suitable for these challenging roles due to their unique exposure to austere working conditions.


·Tax Credits: The Work Opportunity Tax Credit provides up to $9,600 for qualified veteran employees which can greatly offset hiring and onboarding costs.



TangoAlpha3 can help your company experience these advantages among many others through the development of your own customized veteran hiring program. Learn more about this opportunity and how military veterans can benefit your team by reading our latest whitepaper.

Download Transitioning Veterans to the Commercial Sector – A Whitepaper by TangoAlpha 3


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