TangoAlpha3 Value Proposition: Military Health System (MHS) Enterprise Information Technology (IT) Services
A short blog post outlining TA's story as it relates to MHS
April 6, 2020

TangoAlpha3 (TA3) is a SDVOSB that has been engaged in providing IT support to the Military Health System (MHS) since 2016 and the purpose of this post is to outline the general scope of services we have provided over such time, with a general focus on work relevant to DHA’s potential requirement for Enterprise Information Technology (EIT) Support Services. I promise to keep this short.

First and foremost, TA3 has been engaged in providing LAN/WAN support to Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF’s) across the country, where we carved out a bit of a niche by identifying candidates to support facilities in geographies that had been traditionally very difficult to staff. In fact, over the past three years we have staffed more than 25 MTF’s from Alaska to Florida (and 15+ states in between) with specialists, many of whom have played an important role in the implementation and sustainment of Med-COI (Medical Community of Interest; a network enclave that allows for secure exchanged of medical records between the DoD and VA). Furthermore, as a subcontractor on the Defense Health Agency’s Network Engineering and Specialist (NE&S) Program, we are currently responsible for managing LAN/WAN sustainment of MTF’s in CA, TX, AL and VA.

But while most of TA3’s support of MHS has been in MTF’s, we have also supported enterprise support centers such as DHA’s Network Operations Center (GNOC), Global Service Center (GSC) and Enterprise Service Branch (ESB). Roles include Infrastructure Monitoring Analysts providing tier 1 support of MHS network and IT infrastructure, tier 2 and 3 enterprise network support, as well as management and maintenance of enterprise systems and databases.

Beyond MHS, in support of the largest healthcare system headquartered in Texas, TA3 has provided Project Management services to plan and execute Electronic Health Record (HER) deployments in both new and existing hospitals and clinics.

In summary, since 2016 TangoAlpha3 has helped plan, implement and sustain critical health IT initiatives at facilities across the United States as well as at an enterprise level. In the course of our support of MHS we have developed a veteran centric methodology for staffing logistically complex IT engagements (we outlined our approach in a recent blog post), and subsequently become a leading provider of IT Infrastructure staffing in US based MTF’s. In addition to understanding the domain, TA3 has flexible right to hire terms, which provides prime contractors the flexibility to surge while protecting their long-term direct labor footprint.

We are humbled by the opportunities our partners have provided us, proud of what we have accomplished, and excited to build upon what we have done. Have I mentioned how good we are at staffing MTF’s with IT skill sets? 🙂 Anyway, if you find any of this compelling and would like to discuss, please drop me a line at drew@tangoalpha3.com. Stay well! -Drew

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