The Adaptability of Veterans in the Civilian Workplace
When in the military, service members have to adapt to any situation. By hiring veterans, you'll find workers who are masterful in ever-changing circumstances.
February 11, 2022

Service members learn many useful skills during their time in the military, but one core emphasis of their training is learning how to adapt skills to various environments. In fact, military simulations are designed to help service members channel their core skills and utilize them in new situations. In that same vein, veterans are able to easily evaluate their current circumstances and transfer their previous skills and knowledge to meet their new needs. 

The Trainability of Veterans

When you’re searching for the next member of your team, you’re probably looking for someone who can easily adapt to a variety of situations. Veterans are the ideal candidates for these challenging jobs. Extensive research centered around skills transfer has indicated that service members in the military are particularly skilled in this area, thanks in large part to the scenario-based pedagogy that they are exposed to throughout their military training.

If your open position involves high-level technical training, you’re going to need a special kind of applicant for the job. Many traditional applicants will need to be trained on the job and will have to undergo a lengthy process to get any necessary security clearances they may need. However, hiring a veteran can save you from these complicated steps. Those who have worked in the military have often had far greater exposure to highly advanced technology and training than the average applicant. Not only will you have a candidate who is already experienced with the latest technology, but you’ll also have someone who knows how to take those skills and apply them to other work-related tasks.

Finally, not only are service members incredible at learning new skills, but they’re also passionate about it. Often, veterans and service members love acquiring new skills and learning how to think about challenging situations in new and exciting ways. Service members may be put into specialized roles such as doctors and nurses or other health care specialists, acquiring skills that they can bring with them into the outside world.

Just One Benefit of Hiring Veterans

There are plenty of reasons to consider hiring veterans for your company, and their trainability and willingness to learn are just the beginning. Military service members also possess an innate sense of leadership, an incredible amount of resilience, and an appreciation for their fellow workers. Even if you aren’t actively hiring right now, simply bringing a service member onto your team as an intern can be a great way to utilize their incredible talents.

TangoAlpha3 has been working to connect passionate military veterans and emerging companies in all fields since our founding in 2014. We aim to be a helpful partner and bridge when it comes to connecting service members and potential employers. Additionally, we help inform businesses about all of the benefits of hiring veterans, including both abstract benefits and concrete advantages. TangoAlpha3 is happy to help you discover how your company can grow and thrive with veterans on your team. 

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