Why Assimilation is the Key to Retaining your Military Veteran Talent
Many organizations wish to hire military veterans but fail to adequately prepare. More often than not, this turns into potential engagement issues in the short or long term. See what tips we recommend to ensure success!
February 24, 2021


Many organizations wish to hire military veterans but fail to adequately prepare. More often than not, this turns into potential engagement issues in the short or long term.

Veterans are fast learners and can adapt to a wide range of circumstances. However, a small amount of added preparation can be a major difference maker in regards to their long-term assimilation within your organization.

Veteran Assimilation Requires Preparation and Understanding

Assimilation requires you to first understand and then prepare for the unique needs that veterans have, particularly those who have just recently departed the military. Veterans are moving from an organization in which every aspect of their life, where and how they eat, how their day is structured and almost every single other detail is dictated to them.

Although they can quickly adapt to new circumstances and situations, they are anchored by the structure and detailed scheduling that the military provides. That anchor has to be replaced within your organization – in some way shape or form. In addition, some veterans may need added support during this rapid period of change in their life, as many of us would in similar circumstances, and that empathy and understanding is essential for long term success.

Companies that Provide Resources to Veterans Tend to Succeed

Companies who can provide added support to veterans in the form of resources and additional support from company leaders, or even communities within their organization, tend to achieve the best long term assimilation results with veterans. The additional support will go a long way compared to organizations that do not understand or prioritize veteran needs in the first place. The assimilation process does not happen overnight, and requires effort on both the employer and veteran’s part in order for long term success to be achieved.

Our experience has proven that the organizations that truly take the time to help veterans assimilate will achieve the maximum productivity advantages that veterans can provide. Your organization can leverage the unique mission dedication, focus, leadership and loyalty that military veterans have to offer with a relatively small amount of added preparation and effort.

Learn About Our Proprietary Veteran Assimilation Framework 

TangoAlpha3 has developed a proprietary VetRaaS (Veteran Recruitment-as-a-Service) framework to help organizations of all sizes in both the private and public sectors source, place and retain/assimilate the top military veteran talent in the United States.

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How to Source, Place, and Retain the Best Military Veteran Talent

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Many organizations have the productive intentions of bringing on military veteran talent to enjoy the numerous benefits that skilled veterans provide. Yet, without adequate preparation, even the best intentions frequently fall short.

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Military veterans represent a valuable pool of talent for employers, including several in the IT industry where drastic shortages remain.

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