How To Source and Hire Veteran Military Talent
Learn how to source and hire top military talent for your company and why it is necessary for success.
February 5, 2021

How do you successfully source and hire military veterans and achieve both short and long-term goals? 

Many companies want to give back to veterans by providing them with work opportunities while leveraging their outstanding talent, skills, and enjoying tax benefits. Yet, very few HR departments have the proper understanding of the full value that veterans have to offer to their workforce, and even fewer have any kind of preparation or program in place for veteran recruitment.

A Common Mistake When Hiring Veterans

For example, many hiring managers will take a quick look at a veteran resume, and when it isn’t formatted in the way they prefer, they might toss it aside or quickly move onto other options. This is a common mistake because many transitioning veterans are not able to easily translate their skills into the resume format. Yet, they often have vast, highly sophisticated technical expertise that exceeds the job requirements.

Successful Sourcing and Placement Requires Preparation

We find it is a common mistake for companies to jump right into hiring veterans with little to no preparation. This often results in frustration across the entire hiring department, and also similar frustration for new veteran hires. Veterans are dealing with a wide range of pressures and challenges as they re-enter the civilian world. A small amount of preparation can greatly assist them with a successful entry to your staff. Working with a talent acquisition partner like TangoAlpha3 can ensure that you fully understand what veterans need and effectively prepare your company to welcome them. In this way, you’ll set both parties up for the greatest chance of long-term success.

Sourcing and Placing Veterans is An Art

Successfully sourcing and placing military veterans is more of an art than you might imagine. Every company has a unique culture – every position has unique and specific requirements. It’s challenging enough to find a civilian to fill open roles within a reasonable timeframe. Add the complexities of a transitioning military veteran, and the task becomes even more daunting sometimes. At TangoAlpha3, we know how to overcome the most common obstacles that result in hiccups during every step of the hiring and retention process. For example, we are familiar with every job in the military and can translate the skills and experience of a particular candidate to the right open position in your company.

Veterans Provide Tremendous Benefits to Any Organization

The potential benefits of utilizing military veteran talent are tremendous. The military is one of the most diverse organizations on the planet. When it comes to experience with global cultures, physically and mentally challenging circumstances, and a vast range of work conditions, veterans are unrivaled. Combine that with an outstanding skill set, leadership, commitment to your firm, and many other common qualities, and it’s clear that it is worthwhile to recruit veterans. So how can your company experience the full benefits of adding more veterans to your staff and effectively prepare for new veteran hires?

Learn How to Source, Place and Retain the Best Military Veteran Talent

In a recent publication, How to Source, Place and Retain the Best Military Veteran Talent, we uncover our Vet RaaS framework, which we frequently utilize to help companies fulfill their tech staffing needs. Our proprietary Vet RaaS framework effectively combines the best of an in-house recruitment department and an external veteran recruiting agency. Utilizing this framework, we are able to build a customized veteran hiring program starting with your objectives, business requirements, required skills, and more. 

We determine which military jobs translate best to your open jobs, create a sourcing strategy, and facilitate many other key preparatory steps. With any veteran talent acquisition strategy, as with many other things in life, failing to plan is planning to fail. We hope that our whitepaper can help you overcome the most common problems that companies face when hiring veterans while enjoying the many benefits this workforce can provide.

If you are interested in working with TangoAlpha3 for veteran talent sourcing or simply want to learn more about our talent acquisition services, please reach out to us at (512)-657-3325.

Download our Whitepaper: “How to Source Place and Retain the Best Military Veteran Talent”

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How to Source, Place, and Retain the Best Military Veteran Talent

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Many organizations have the productive intentions of bringing on military veteran talent to enjoy the numerous benefits that skilled veterans provide. Yet, without adequate preparation, even the best intentions frequently fall short.

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Military veterans represent a valuable pool of talent for employers, including several in the IT industry where drastic shortages remain.

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