TangoAlpha3 is excited to introduce a new content series focused on highlighting the many excellent veterans we’ve assisted in finding job placements. 

The Veteran Spotlight series is a chance for us to catch up with our community of veteran talent. We discuss things like how their current job placement is going, what it was like while on the job hunt, as well as any challenges they may have faced while transitioning from the military to the private sector. In the end, it’s a great way to highlight excellent people and provide an inside vantage point into some of the services we provide and industries we serve.

Charome Johnson

Charome Johnson

Information Management Division Network Specialist at Fort Rucker


Charome came to us from the Coast Guard, where he had been awarded the Coast Guard Achievement medal of Major Accomplishments.  He has also been commended for Superior Leadership of Information Systems and Electronics in support of the USGC Training center. His experience overseeing Information Systems Management, Information Security Servers, End User Support for the Recruit Training Center, and 6 additional satellite units over the previous 5-year period made him a natural fit to support the Defense Health Agency’s LAN/WAN environment. TangoAlpah3 hasn’t had the opportunity to hire many engineers out of the Coast Guard, and we are excited to add that background to our growing team.

We recently sat down with Charome to catch up and ask him about his experience on the job hunt and what’s it’s been like since being placed at Fort Rucker


What is a typical day at work like for you?

As the Fort Rucker Information Management Division Network specialist, work days are never the same and never dull. Which is a good thing. The days are filled with good challenges. The AOR for my position is sizable and there is a lot going on from patient care to unit training. I’m responsible for DHA network availability and maintenance. Using various network tools and software I specialized in while on active duty. (Which put me a bit ahead of the learning curve for starters.)

Did you face any challenges when you first transitioned from the military into the private sector?

There were several obstacles which had to be overcome. PCS (traveling with family and household across country), having to do remote interviews while preparing for my departure from active duty. Finding a place to live, while still searching for a fitting company to maximize the use of my Professional skills and military training.  

What was your initial job search experience like?

Due to my years of active duty technical career experience and training, it assisted in matching my skills with in-demand jobs, but interviewing was a challenge. Then 3 months away from separating, COVID-19 lock downs began to re direct certain opportunities. 

How has your military training and experience helped you in the private sector?

Military training and work experiences, I feel, absolutely gives me an advantage working in a civilian position. In the U.S. Coast Guard, in Operations afloat and support, the environment was High tempo high tension evolution’s, with search and rescue (lives in the balance). You are required to master multiple duties and responsibilities within a unit to sustain the mission with fewer staff members. In my current civilian section, there are many specialized staff members who focus on certain aspects of the mission, which allows me to hone in on my position and maximize my knowledge and understanding of Network Engineering, while also putting into effect the multi-tasking skills to ensure all goals are accomplished. 

What advice would you give to transitioning veterans looking for their first job after leaving the military? 

  • Get certifications in the field you have work experiences in.
  • Reach out in advance to the TAPS instructor for your region and establish a communication line with that office as well as the regional office you will be moving to. 
  • Create a Premium linkedIn account (1 yr. free for Veterans) 
  • Protect your security clearance. 

Whether you are a veteran looking for your next job opportunity or an organization looking to hire highly skilled talent, we’re here to assist.


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