Last week I posted a video on LinkedIn, wherein I attempted to quickly demonstrate a proprietary tool we have developed to capture employee sentiment. I received some great feedback and subsequently thought worth expounding a bit more regarding the tool (we call “Morale Gauge”), how TangoAlpha3 has learned to leverage it, and why we are talking about it now.

As shown in the above video, Morale Gauge is integrated into TangoAlpha3’s timekeeping systems, and subsequently it is ritually completed by the vast majority of our employees at the end of each week. And, having been populated weekly by just about all of our employees over the past three plus years, we now have a good amount of data and experience using it to better manage employee satisfaction. As the title of this short article indicates, Morale Gauge serves as an enabler of situational awareness regarding workforce morale…a very useful instrument for mitigating workforce turbulence, the scrooge of even the best planned projects and programs.

At the onset, Morale Gauge was primarily a way to enhance engagement with a widely distributed workforce, as TangoAlpha3’s employees work almost exclusively in our customers’ environments. It provided a medium for our employees to let us know they had a tough week without making a fuss, in turn providing us an opportunity to systematically address issues at the level of the individual.

But the tool has evolved, and we can now aggregate data at the project, program, customer and company levels…effectively providing relevant leadership a heat-map of their workforce morale.

So why do I share this here, now? Because we believe our solution has matured to the point whereby it might be leveraged to help our industry partners win more business.

“A solution that enables workforce retention and stability at the end of the period of performance may also be favorably evaluated.”

Over the past few years we have stood up teams to sustain IT engagements at military installations from Alaska to Florida, and around 20 states in between. Morale Gauge has allowed us to keep our finger on the pulse of these teams despite their broad geographical distribution.

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