7 Tips for Recruiting Military Veterans
Are you considering hiring military veterans for your company but don’t have the experience? A talent sourcing partner can facilitate the transition and help you establish one.
August 24, 2020

Recruiting military veterans can be a challenge for many firms when your experience is limited. Veterans provide a wide range of tangible benefits to your company, but it’s essential to develop a targeted strategy to engage, ultimately hire, and retain them as employees.

As we have previously discussed, establishing a veteran hiring program will allow you to enjoy tax incentives, a diverse workforce with outstanding exposure to a range of cultures and backgrounds, and a vast range of additional benefits that come from a highly committed, mission focused and skilled workforce. 

These 7 recruiting tips can help you develop and refine your veteran outreach strategy:


#1 – Respond in a Timely Manner – A prompt response to veterans applicants is critical when building your recruitment strategy; yet it’s one major area in which many recruiting departments struggle. One of the most common complaints we have found among transitioning vets is that the companies they apply to don’t respond quickly enough and some don’t ever respond! 

This is a terrible practice and borderline negligence – it’s well worth the effort to respond to all of your applicants within a reasonable timeframe, which is key for maintaining your reputation. 

If this is an area you struggle with, it can be advantageous to work with a talent acquisition partner like TangoAlpha3 to improve your responsiveness to veteran applicants with added communication benefits such as our understanding of military language.


#2 – Make Contact Early and Act Fast –  A study by Pew in Sept. 2019 found that one-in-four veterans already had a job lined up for when they leave the military. Roughly half (48%) said they looked for a job right after leaving the military, 21% said they looked for a job but not immediately, and 5% said they didn’t look for a job after leaving the military. And among those who looked for a job, 57% had a job within 6 months. 

Therefore, there’s a relatively brief window of opportunity to acquire veteran talent as they transition out of the military. Veterans are snagged up by employers who understand their value as they return to civilian life. Thus, you need to make contact early before they leave the military, establish communication, and act fast with an offer for those who meet your qualifications. 


#3 – Utilize Social Media to Engage Veterans – Don’t overlook the power of social media engagement for connecting with veterans. Most of your target workforce among the military is already online and open to communication regarding open roles and your company. 

While promoting your business on social media, also spend some time reaching out to veterans specifically. Engage with veteran related pages and interests online, network at online events, attend career fairs, post on forums, engage online with nearby military installations. 


#4 – Keep Your Website Updated With Open Jobs – Although there are a range of websites where you can post jobs for veterans, it’s essential to also keep your own website updated with the same open roles. As your brand exposure grows, many veterans may bookmark your website and may look there first and foremost for new or existing open roles. 

Make sure that you promote the fact that you are seeking military veterans at key places on your website. TangoAlpha3 can help you determine these key locations and also properly structure your job ads to appeal to veterans.


#5 – Leverage Your Existing Team Members – Referrals from other military veterans in your organization are an excellent way to source new talent. Even if you haven’t directly hired a veteran yet, there is likely someone in your organization who knows one who may be a good fit for a particular role. 

So don’t neglect to look internally first for a referral, and if you’re lucky enough to already have a veteran on staff, they will likely have many hiring leads for you to work with.


#6 – Connect With Your Local Military Base

If you are in close proximity to a nearby military installation, connect with the veteran transition department there and let them know of your intentions to hire veterans. Ask if they have a preferred employer program and try to get your company listed among them. Local military bases will also often have career fair events and you should certainly attend them.

Let them know about the ideal type of veteran candidate and military job experience that you think will translate best to your company. Again, it helps to work with a talent acquisition partner to determine this for your specific company.

It also depends on how extensively you want to develop your veteran hiring program, but if you’re serious about hiring veterans regularly you will want to utilize the local resources and talent pool that may already exist nearby.


#7 –  Work With a Talent Acquisition Partner 

A talent acquisition partner like TangoAlpha3 can significantly speed up the time it takes to engage, recruit and onboard new military veteran hires. Our veteran talent pool is updated regularly with top talent from across the nation for jobs in healthcare, IT, government, and more. 

We efficiently connect the open roles at your firm to the possible hires in our talent pool that we know will thrive at your company. Experience matters when it comes to recruiting veterans; although you can figure out how to develop a veteran hiring program on your own, the cost and time commitment to do so may be higher than you would like.

We’re available to help you streamline the process, save time and money, and create a customized approach that will allow you to enjoy tax incentives and a new, mission-focused, committed, energized and diverse workforce that can transform your company. Learn more about recruiting military veterans by contacting TangoAlpha3 today.



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