About 6 months ago NorCal Staffing Group Inc. (which remains our legal name) changed its DBA from ConnectStaff to TangoAlpha3 (TA3), and we thought it was worth a belated blog post wherein we describe our thought process…and discuss some things past, present and future.

Why TangoAlpha3? Tango Alpha is the military phonetic expression of TA, TA being an abbreviation for Talent Acquisition. So, it is a bit of a wordplay to reflect our core competency, while also nodding to our status as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and veteran centric recruiting philosophy. If we are being honest, the “3” was included because TangoAlpaha was already taken, but “3” (when superscripted) also represents “cubed” which is frequently imagined as a package, and we like to fashion ourselves as more of a IT human capital delivery company than a IT staffing company. We must admit that, as we type this, it seems a bit convoluted even to ourselves…but that was the general thought process and we are confident it worked. Not only does the name fit, the logo wears much better on a shirt.

But what is in a name, anyway? NorCal Staffing Group’s (NCSG) very founding and initial growth was made possible by adapting emerging cloud technologies that the staffing industry had been slow to embrace, and NCSG’s successful adaptation allowed us to run a very lean pay/bill process while ensuring compliance of the varying workforce laws inherent to the federation of states that comprise our country. And because we could cost effectively expand into new geographies alongside our customers, they dragged us along with them…and our regional sounding name began to no longer reflect the broad geographic scope of the services we were delivering. Likewise, NCSG began to do business as ConnectStaff:  the evolution of our company required that we branded ourselves as something other than a regional staffing company.

Similarly, over the past couple of years we have become more focused on what we do well yet broadened the scope of services we provide within those functional areas. We found we added the most value when delivering services associated with the transformation, information assurance (IA) and sustainment of IT Infrastructure. Upon probing for reasons as to why we thrived in these areas, the diagnosis became obvious: we had a veteran centric recruiting philosophy (click to view white paper describing our approach), and these technical functions being well aligned with what the military asks of its digital soldiers, provided us with an ongoing pipeline of well trained individuals with clearances. And recognizing we thrived when our attention was properly placed, we doubled down, improved our processes and now—in addition to staffing–are responsible for managing LAN/WAN sustainment at DoD medical treatment facilities in CA, TX, and VA. Our foundation is built upon talent acquisition, but we are no longer only staffing company. TangoAlpah3 is representative of this evolution. Granted, while we will continue to evolve, we expect this name to stay.

And speaking of evolution, we are beginning a journey to help entities in the private sector take advantage of the enterprise IT experience, problem solving skills, and government incentives that come with hiring veterans. We believe our NorCal private sector roots make us a natural bridge to bring these two worlds together during this most difficult time. If the topic is of interest to you, please check out the white paper we published on the topic: The Valuable Skills and Tax Incentives Veterans Offer Employers During a Challenging Climate.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Please do not hesitate to reach out (drew@tangoalpha3.com).

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