Here at TangoAlpha3 (TA3), we have spent much of our time since 2016 supporting some of the country’s largest healthcare enterprises. Yet, as we began to reflect on what we have accomplished in the healthcare space, it occurred to us that–while we had a really good story–no one really knew about it. And what good is an unshared story? We all know the answer to that. So I thought I would try and begin to remedy with a blog post. And you, dear reader, can help me further remedy by sharing:-)

The foundation of our healthcare story is rooted in TA3’s support of the Defense Health Agency (DHA), the administrating agency for the US Military Health System (MHS). For those unfamiliar with MHS, it is responsible for providing services to almost 10 million uniformed service men/women and currently includes 55 military hospitals, 373 military medical clinics and 245 dental clinics. It’s quite the environment to grow up in…

And what is it that TangoAlpha3 has done? Well, I just recruited…but what did our team do? They mostly worked inside clinical facilities providing LAN/WAN support. We also operated (and continue to operate) at the MHS enterprise level: in the Global Network Operations Center (GNOC), in the Global Service Center (GSC), and in the Enterprise Service Branch (ESB). But, our primary contribution has been in the military medical treatment facilities (MTF’s), approximately 30 of them, from Alaska to Florida and at least 15 states in between. Working in the same building with doctors, nurses, patients, and the like. And what did they accomplish? Well its still in the works, but the Medical Community of Interest (Med-COI) is a VPN that enables inter-agency sharing of medical records between the DoD and VA. So TA3 is just a part of that story, but it’s a big story, and we are proud to have a role in it.

And how did we do it? Well, we wrote a white paper about it…please check it out🙂 But, fair to say we did it with the help of a lot of military veterans.

We have also had the pleasure of working with the largest not-for-profit health system in Texas (and among the largest in the US), largely managing EHR deployments in new or recently acquired clinics and hospitals. Again working in clinical environments, as well as coordinating with vendors to get all the infrastructure in place and then coordinating with deployment teams to execute and “go live”. We have also worked with their Health Plan business, providing PM, BA and QA support.

It’s probably important to note here that our healthcare story is also very much a veteran story. TangoAlpha3 is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and not only are we run by a Veteran, our story is powered by Veterans: Veterans comfortable working in hectic environments (as clinical facilities are want to be), veterans with the sense of adventure to uproot and relocate to Fairbanks, AK, or Grand Forks ND, etc…i.e. medical treatment facilities (MTF’s) in relatively remote locations without much of a civilian populate to recruit from. Veterans are TangoAlpha3’s infrastructure and it is because of them that we have successfully developed a healthcare story centered on transforming and sustaining their enterprise, especially within the facilities at the center of the healthcare mission.

And given our background, and our experience working in both the public and private sector, we here at TangoAlpha3 intend one of the next chapters in our story to be centered on providing veteran recruiting solutions to commercial entities interested in taking advantage of the valuable skills and tax incentives veterans offer employers during a challenging climate.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed if you find any of this compelling and would like to discuss, please drop me a line at Stay well! -Drew

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