The purpose of this post is to quickly share our story within a context that you can ascertain in which circumstances we would be a good staffing partner in the execution (or capture if pre-award) of NASA contracts/task orders.

TangoAlpha3 (TA3) is a SDVOSB whose core competency is IT Infrastructure recruiting and over the past three years we have staffed around 30 federal facilities with technicians and engineers to sustain enterprise IT environments. Our credentials include being a leading staffing provider for the implementation and sustainment of a network enclave that enables secure inter-agency communication of medical records between the DoD and VA.

Similarly, TA3 has great quals as it relates to staffing IT engagements across a very large geographical area (from Alaska to Florida, and 15 states in between) with personnel that possessed the required clearances and certifications. We have even created an in-house term for such scenarios: Logistically Complex IT Requirements (LCR) and outlined our veteran centric approach to the successful execution of them in this white paper, published in FEB of 2020. Given the number of NASA facilities where on-site IT support is required, broad geographic footprint, and security requirements, it would seem TA3’s experience and approach could be very relevant should one be on the lookout for a SDVOSB IT staffing partner.

TA3 has flexible right-to-hire terms and experience acting as both a post-award staffing vendor and a teammate/subcontractor. For that matter, even if it is just one position in a location that has been difficult to fill, we would appreciate the opportunity to prove ourselves. We endeavor to deliver value in whatever manner we can. If you are a NASA prime reading this (NEST, PACE, etc.) I would love the opportunity to discuss if/how we might add value, be it in the execution of the work or as part of the capture effort. Please drop me a line at

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