TA3 (TangoAlpha3) is a SDVOSB whose core competency is IT Infrastructure recruiting and we thought it worthwhile to highlight our relevant experience as it relates to ITOPS TSS in a short blog post in the event someone at BAH might stumble upon it. We realize BAH already has staffing partners, but our experience providing IT infrastructure support (Network, Systems, IA) in clinical environments matches up very well with components of the program’s scope. 

Over the past three years, we have provided network sustainment support to almost 30 Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF’s) with the Military Health System (MHS). Likewise, we not only have significant experience providing IT support in clinical environments, but simultaneously staffing teams to support numerous dispersed sites across a very large geographical area (From Alaska to Florida, and 15 states in between). 

Moreover, our credentials include being a leading staffing provider of the implementation and sustainment of the integrated VA and DoD Medical Community of Interest (MedCOI) Virtual Private Network (VPN). Furthermore, as a subcontractor on the Defense Health Agency’s Network Engineering and Specialist (NE&S) Program, we are responsible for managing MedCOI sustainment of MTF’s in CA, TX, AL and VA. TA3 has a Secret Facility Clearance, flexible right to hire terms and a veteran-centric approach to staffing dispersed sites across a large geography (we recently outlined our approach in another blog post). I would love to discuss if/how we might add value—even if it’s just one position in a location that has been difficult to fill—we would appreciate the opportunity to prove ourselves. If you are with BAH and have some responsibility for the execution of work on this program similar to what I have described, and still reading this (God bless you), please drop me a line at drew@tangoalpha3.com.

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