First and foremost, we at TA3 hope you, your families and your teams are doing well and staying safe throughout these truly historic times.  I, personally, believe that times like these are opportunities to witness the best humanity has to offer.  Sure, there will be selfish acts (who has all of the toilet paper?) and people doing stupid things (did you see the guy that caught the virus after posting himself licking toilets?), but on average it seems the vulnerability we all come to terms with circumstances like this provides a sort of core concern for our family, friends, and neighbors.   Frankly, while the Local, State and Federal Governments are doing everything they can to assist, nothing gives me more faith that we will get through this than seeing how my neighbors have responded in so many community-positive ways.

When we founded TA3, we did so because the business we wanted to start was a business that assisted people in pursuit of the most basic of human endeavors:  a means to contribute to theirs and their family’s ability to put food on the table, a roof over their head and an opportunity to advance in their professional journey.  For us to have achieved this goal over and over, with each new hire, has been a tremendous honor by which we at TA3 are incredibly humbled and grateful.  

We still have a ways to go with COVID-19 and while we didn’t really consider a global pandemic to be much of a factor in the “architecture” of our business, our distributed model has meant that the impact on our internal operations has been non-existent (and very safe, from a social-distancing perspective, by the way, does anybody else notice the lack of social distancing on every single thing you see on TV, as I do now?).  As it turns out, our design to leverage technology for our “non-personal interaction” (aka overhead) activities as a competitive pricing advantage has turned out to be a very smart strategy particularly relating to this most recent challenge.  

The bottom line is TA3 is and has been open for business.  We continue to support enterprise IT infrastructures for some of the most critical systems in the world.  While many of our competitors are implementing their BCP’s (business continuity plans) and working out how to keep people productive working remotely, it’s been business as usual for us.  

To all of our customers:  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with you.  We enjoy every minute of supporting your efforts and matching your needs with the very best talent in the market.  

To our employees:  You are the reason our clients can achieve impossible projects and seemingly insurmountable challenges.  But more importantly, you are the reason we do what we do.  Thank you for being the true force behind TA3.  

-Tim Chapman

CEO, TangoAlpha3