Talent Acquisition Strategy Versus Recruitment
Recruitment and talent acquisition are not the same. Yet these two terms are often used interchangeably; many people believe talent acquisition is similar to recruitment or that traditional recruiters utilize a talent acquisition strategy.
March 10, 2020

Learn more about the distinct talent acquisition strategy that TangoAlpha3 offers and how it sets our firm apart for both our clients and our U.S military veteran talent pool.

Recruitment and talent acquisition are not the same. Yet these two terms are often used interchangeably; many people believe talent acquisition is similar to recruitment or that traditional recruiters utilize a talent acquisition strategy.

Recruitment is a linear, limited, low engagement process. It involves performing the minimal level of effort to find a candidate for an open role, filling it and then moving right along to filling a different role, often in order to meet recruitment quotas. 

There is little to no pre or post recruitment engagement or communication with the candidates. Many times candidates are sourced from a variety of different options including cold calls; thus there is often no prior relationship to the recruiter.

The goal of recruitment is to fill vacancies quickly. The goal of talent acquisition is to establish long-term relationships with both candidates and clients and to find very specific candidates to fill positions that require a very specific skill set. 

Talent acquisition is a collection of carefully planned strategies with the end game to acquire talent and operates in a cyclical format as opposed to linear. Candidates are engaged and acquired in a talent pool, they communicate and become familiar with the recruiter, their needs and goals are considered, and they are placed in roles in which they can thrive whether it is a short-term or long-term mission. 

At the completion of the project, they are brought back into the talent pool where they can move onto the next suitable role, or a role is lined up prior to the completion.

TangoAlpha 3 offers these advantages of talent acquisition along with a distinct strategy which caters specifically to the needs of our military veteran talent pool as well as filling Logistically Complex Requirements for our clients, or difficult non-traditional positions.

Our strategy is customized in each circumstance. It depends on our client’s strategy and is adjusted with a high level of specificity. It’s an algorithm based on client needs: as complex as it needs to be for each specific situation.

We look at the end game and the goals of our client first and then apply our strategies to fulfill the mission in the most efficient manner; our strategies can include complete managed service, contract-to-hire staffing or direct hire placement as explained below:

Complete Managed Service –  In one example where this strategy may be selected, a client has a range of hiring needs and needs a mix of contract workers, staff, supervisors, and different levels of service. 30-40 people may be needed along with someone to manage the contingent workforce. TA3 comes in and hires a project manager who issues requisitions and collects metrics on performance. This is basically an outsourced solution to manage contingent workforce.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing: In this scenario, let’s say a client needs a network engineer for a challenging role, and they find a person they think will be a great fit from our talent pool but would like a trial period before committing to hiring them as an employee. We onboard them as a contract worker, they’re employed for a period of time, and if it goes well they are converted into an employee.

Direct Hire Placement – In this example, a client wants to make a direct hire without any contract period. They may need a network engineer as soon as possible and want to pay a recruitment fee upfront. They pay the fee for the candidate, and the candidate is hired directly and immediately to the client. In this circumstance, we utilize our unique approach to client and candidate engagement to find the most ideal fit possible based on a long-term fit view. 

We selected the name Tango Alpha 3 because “3” refers to the three dimensions of a geometric cube, signifying our comprehensive approach to talent acquisition. 

For us, it is all about the goal you’re trying to achieve with a new position. We look in close detail about what are you trying to achieve and how can we apply our 4 decades of combined experience towards it.

Our belief is that one size does not fit all with Talent Acquisition. This is important to take into account because there are many companies in staffing that say they can do it all, yet they try to adopt a standardized approach for each of their clients. We do the opposite and carefully, intricately consider client requirements with a fully customized talent acquisition strategy for each mission.


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