Having veterans on your team can help you craft innovative solutions to your biggest challenges, pushing your business forward every day.
February 11, 2022

While our service members are fighting to protect our country, they are trained to learn high-
level skills that will help them both on and off the battlefield. Many of these skills are quite
tangible, from working with computers to helping out as a medic or nurse. However, service
members are also equipped with many soft skills that can follow them even as they transition
into civilian life. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a veteran is being able to apply their
resilience to help grow your company.

When we say “resilience,” what do we mean? Essentially, it is the ability to persevere and keep
going regardless of how stressful the situation may be. Veterans and military service members,
unfortunately, face many harsh environments and traumatic circumstances, but they learn how
to overcome their hardships and keep pushing forward anyway.

Training and Experience
Resilience isn’t just something that a military service member happens upon; instead, it’s a skill
that is ingrained within them. Throughout their entire training, service members are put
through stressful circumstances that can help them gather their strength when they need it
most. Of course, this training helps service members while they’re fighting for our country, but
these skills also follow them into the standard workforce in the future.
While many of the experiences that service members go through are directly related to military
service, they can still help veterans cope with outside situations. Veterans tend to have ample
experience executing missions in austere environments and keeping a cool head and a clear
mind at the same time. They are made to deal with the unexpected in nearly every mission, so
when something goes astray in your company in the private sector, they will be well-equipped
to take charge and find a new path.

Service members often have limited resources to work with, instead needing to make do with
what they have in order to get the job done. When you need someone on your team to come
up with unique solutions when times are tough, a veteran will know what to do. Finally,
veterans are incredibly talented at problem-solving and are often more than willing to take on
new roles and responsibilities to bring their team to success.

But don’t take our word for it; sample this report out of Syracuse:
“Cognitive and decision-making research has demonstrated that military experience is positively
correlated to the ability to accurately evaluate a dynamic decision environment, and
subsequently act in the face of uncertainty. Several studies highlight that this ability is enhanced
and developed in individuals whose military experience has included service in a combat

Bringing Resilience into Your Business

The missions involved in military service and private sector positions couldn’t be more
different, and thankfully, the stakes are generally much lower in a civilian job. However, in
order for your business to succeed, you’ll need many of the same attributes that are acquired
through military service. Having veterans on your team can help you craft innovative solutions
to your biggest challenges, pushing your business forward every day.

Whether you are a veteran looking for your next job opportunity or an organization looking to hire highly skilled talent, we’re here to assist. Please do not hesitate to reach out:

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