Many organizations have the productive intentions of bringing on military veteran talent to enjoy the numerous benefits that skilled veterans provide. Yet, without adequate preparation, even the best intentions frequently fall short.

In our experience, we have found that employers often unintentionally neglect numerous key preparatory areas. This results in communication barriers and long-term engagement problems when transitioning veterans are acquired.

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Some of the common problems we have identified include: 

  1. Language barriers – Although numerous positions within the military have analogous skills with civilian roles, language barriers can make it difficult for HR professionals and hiring managers to understand this. 
  2. Hiring Manager Uncertainty  – Hiring managers are often unfamiliar with the skills, abilities and benefits of hiring veterans. This sometimes unfairly results in a civilian being selected over a veteran due to the perception that the civilian has more relevant experience. 
  3. Marketing the Wrong Positions – Although veterans are highly skilled in key areas, they are not an ideal choice for every position in your company. It’s essential for HR professionals and hiring managers to know the types of positions that veterans excel in.

Because of these common pitfalls among others, we recommend establishing a veteran talent acquisition framework for your organization. Doing so is important if you are serious about finding the best veteran talent and retaining them.

To help firms prepare for short and long-term success when hiring veterans, TangoAlpha3 has developed a unique and customizable Military Talent Acquisition Framework (MTAF). 

Whether you choose to work with an experienced firm like TangoAlpha3 to build a customized veteran talent sourcing framework or develop one on your own, you will find that it is well worth the effort.

In a recent whitepaper, we outline the common problems that employers have recently faced with a lack of a talented workforce, how veterans can provide a solution to this problem, and reasons to hire veterans.

More importantly, we delve into the common problems that employers face when placing transitioning veterans and how our MTAF can help overcome them.

Download Our Whitepaper: How to Source, Place and Retain the Best Military Veteran Talent

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