TangoAlpha3 is excited to introduce a new content series focused on highlighting the many excellent veterans we’ve assisted in finding job placements. 

The Veteran Spotlight series is a chance for us to catch up with our community of veteran talent. We discuss things like how their current job placement is going, what it was like while on the job hunt, as well as any challenges they may have faced while transitioning from the military to the private sector. In the end, it’s a great way to highlight excellent people and provide an inside vantage point into some of the services we provide and industries we serve.

Joshua Thurston

Joshua Thurston

Infrastructure Monitoring Analyst at Fort Sam Houston - DNOC


TangoAlpha3 is always on the lookout for transitioning veterans who served as an Information Systems Technician (25B) in the US Army, as they will have been trained in, and have experience supporting, software, hardware and networks in an enterprise environment. Not only was this Josh’s job in the military, but his career in the military included supporting the US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM), and likewise he was already familiar with the Defense Health Agency’s (DHA) IT environment…which made him all the more qualified. Likewise, Josh was a natural fit to work in DHA’s Global Service Center and we are thrilled to have been able to add him to the team.

We recently sat down with Josh to catch up and ask him about his experience on the job hunt and what’s it’s been like since being placed at Fort Sam Houston


What was your initial job search experience like?

I felt it was okay for my first job after the military.

Did you face any challenges when you first transitioned from the military into the private sector?

I would say yes. During 2018 is when I had to leave home quite often as a driver to bring in income for my family since a lot of jobs at the time weren’t hiring in my previous career field as a surgical technologist.

What is a typical day at work like for you?

A typical shift consists of me searching for a variety of incidents and outages that appears to populate on the monitoring tool. Every day the workload fluctuates. There are some days where the dashboard is almost empty and some days where alerts are generating at a rapid pace. In general, whenever I notice an alert that’s when I check to see if there’s already an open ticket created for it. If there is then I go ahead and update the work notes with new details; if there isn’t a ticket already made then I go ahead and create it.

How has your military training and experience helped you in the private sector?

From what I notice in the private sector is that security clearances are extremely valued. Since I served in the Army and obtained a security clearance it has helped me gain a leading edge amongst candidates. While serving I took online classes with emphasis in cybersecurity fundamentals. The courses helped with my advancement in the IT career field.


What advice would you give to transitioning veterans looking for their first job after leaving the military? 

Start looking as soon as you can while you’re still in. A year seems like the average time it takes to browse around. Networking with colleagues and peers can also present extraordinary opportunities. Never give up searching for what you want to do. There are resources out there for almost anything you can access at the tip of your fingers.

 What has your experience been like working with TangoAlpha3?

My experience with TangoAlpha3 far exceeded the experience I had for most of my time in the military. The company is nothing short of amazing when it comes to providing solutions to any questions and/or concerns I have. My talent and work feels appreciated by the staff at TangoAlpha3 and everyone have a positive welcoming attitude. I love and appreciate the culture this company promotes and how dedicated it remains striving to help veterans like me have a chance at success!  


Whether you are a veteran looking for your next job opportunity or an organization looking to hire highly skilled talent, we’re here to assist.


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